Billie Eilish reps Rob Zombie, Type O Negative, and Cradle of Filth on shirt; sells death metal beanie

The custom garment was made from sewn together shirts from the iconic metal acts

Billie Eilish with death metal beanie

Billie Eilish is as big as any pop star right now, but her fashion choices are very metal. At a recent concert, she was photographed wearing a custom shirt made from sewn together Rob Zombie, Type O Negative, and Cradle of Filth tees.

Despite her chart-topping pop success, Eilish’s aesthetic certainly has a tinge of goth and metal. Her songs are as spooky as they are catchy, and her wardrobe would fit right in with ’90s-era Korn.

The bands were certainly into the custom garment (and free publicity). Type O Negative’s Facebook posted:

“Billie Eilish is certainly a unique and bad ass superstar who absolutely walks her own path. How awesome is it to see the Type O support!! #billieeilish”

And Rob Zombie’s Instagram gave her the following shout out, after sharing an earlier image of Eilish wearing another Zombie tee:

“@billieeilish rocking another custom Zombie shirt. Rock on! #billieeilish#robzombie”

Billie has also incorporated metal into her own merch, as she’s currently selling a beanie with her name in the style of a death-metal logo (see image above).

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In other celeb-musicians-wearing-metal-shirts news, OutKast’s André 3000 was just spotted rocking a Devil Master hoodie. As metal continues to have success on the charts, perhaps the genre is in for a mainstream surge musically and in the fashion world.

Either way, we’ll definitely give Billie Eilish more metal cred than the Real Housewives star who couldn’t name one Metallica song despite wearing a Metallica shirt.

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