The story of Jimmy Kimmel discovering Bruce Springsteen’s music is that Garden State scene come to life

The Boss also discusses his new film Western Stars, family, and the time he opened for Cheech and Chong during his Monday night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Bruce Springsteen on Jimmy Kimmel

This week Jimmy Kimmel is taping his late-night show at the Brooklyn Academy Of Music, and who better to kick things off than the East Coast rock god himself, Bruce Springsteen. The Boss made the short 90-minute drive from his hometown of Freehold, New Jersey to appear on Monday night’s episode.

Kimmel began the interview by sharing an anecdote about the first time he was introduced to Springsteen’s music. While in high school flying home to visit his family, Kimmel met a college girl who asked him what sort of music he listened to. In a scene straight out of Garden State, the girl then handed Kimmel her Walkman “and let me listen to your music for the whole rest of the flight. And from then on, you and I have been a team — even though you didn’t know it.” The following Christmas, Kimmel was gifted a Springsteen box set.

The interview then delved into Springsteen’s new feature length film Western Stars and his debut turn at as director. He also discussed his children’s reaction to growing up with a rock star dad —  “My kids are relatively uninterested in the job I’ve done for their entire lives” — and the time he opened for Cheech and Chong.  Watch the full chat below.

Western Stars, which serves as a companion film to Springsteen’s latest album of the same name, is in theaters now. Next year should see Springsteen reunite with the E Street Band for a new album and supporting world tour.


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