Guns N’ Roses super fan reportedly banned for life from concerts after leaking bootlegs

Rick Dunsford was apparently implicated in a recent leak of Chinese Democracy demos

Guns N' Roses fan lifetime ban

When it comes to diehard fans, Mississippi resident Rick Dunsford fits the bill. He’d seen Guns N’ Roses 32 times prior to their recent show in Wichita, Kansas. But when Dunsford tried to enter the venue for his 33rd show, he was apparently kicked out of line and told to never come back, supposedly banned for life from the band’s future concerts.

A prolific poster on the band’s official message board and a known bootleg trader, Dunsford’s zest for unreleased Guns N’ Roses material may have gotten him on the band’s radar. One of his bootleg acquisitions was a 19-disc collection of Chinese Democracy demos, and when some of those sessions recently leaked online, Dunsford seemingly became a scapegoat. Being such a vocal and visible fan — even posting that he’d be at the Wichita show — Guns N’ Roses security apparently was able to identify him and give him the boot.

Dunsford himself reached out to us via email regarding the matter, even sharing a Facebook video of the apparent encounter with GN’R security. If there was any question of his zealous fandom, he put that to rest:

“My name is Rick Dunsford. I’m a diehard Guns N Roses fan! I’ve seen them 32 times live! I have the bands autographs tattooed on my arm. I named my new born son AXL. Please view links to the recent story that happened this past Monday in Wichita, KS”

We reached out to Guns N’ Roses’ representatives, but haven’t heard back on the incident or Dunsford’s ban. That said, if Dunsford did have a hand in leaking the Chinese Democracy demos, the band is notoriously uncompromising when scorned — as proven by the infamous 1991 Riverport Riot in St. Louis (they wouldn’t play there again until 2017 and slapped the words “F**k you, St. Louis!” in the credits of Use Your Illusion).

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Unfortunately for Dunsford, he missed a historic moment at the Wichita show when Guns N’ Roses busted out the Use Your Illusion II track “Locomotive” for the first time since 1992. As the band continues their “Not in This Lifetime Tour” this fall, it appears one of their biggest fans won’t be in attendance.

See Dunsford being confronted outside the Wichita show below.

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