Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine” is first ’80s video to earn 1 billion YouTube views

Incredibly, "November Rain" was the first and only '90s video to achieve the same feat

guns n roses sweet child video one billion views

Guns N’ Roses are more than 30 years into their career, and still breaking records left and right. The band’s iconic video for “Sweet Child O’ Mine” has just surpassed one billion views on YouTube, making it the first clip from the ’80s to accomplish such a feat, per Variety.

The video was originally released in 1987 as one of the the singles on Guns N’ Roses iconic debut album, Appetite for Destruction. It followed the legendary rockers as they rehearsed in Mendiola’s Ballroom in Huntington Park, California. Crew members and the band members’ girlfriends at the time can also be seen in the clip.

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The video would become a staple on MTV, during a time when music videos actually dominated the channel’s programming.

The “Sweet Child O’ Mine” video isn’t the rock outfit’s only YouTube milestone. The clip for the Rock & Roll Hall of Famers’ 1992 power ballad “November Rain” recently became the only video from the 1990s to cross 1 billion views.

Below, revisit the two videos that helped Guns N’ Roses score a piece of music history.

In related news, Guns N’ Roses played their first concert of 2019 last month in Hollywood. The show was part of their mega-successful “Not in This Lifetime Tour” that extends until early November. Get tickets here.

Following the conclusion of the trek, Guns N’ Roses plan to work on their first studio LP featuring Axl, Slash, and Duff since their 1991 Use Your Illusion albums. As Slash told us in an interview earlier this year, “There’s a handful of gigs that are happening [in the fall], and then it’s really just focusing on getting a new record done.”

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