Kash Doll drops debut album Stacked: Stream

Detroit MC's first full-length effort features Big Sean, Lil Wayne, Teyana Taylor, Trey Songz, and more

Kash Doll Stacked Album Stream
Kash Doll, photo by Michael Lavine

    Kash Doll has released her debut album, Stacked. Stream the 17-track effort below via Apple Music and Spotify.

    The Detroit rapper’s first full-length has been hard fought for and a long time coming. The 27-year-old gained strong label attention with her first mixtape, Keisha Vs. Kash Doll, but ended up locked in a contract that prevented her from releasing any music. Through the power of social media, she kept increasing the buzz around herself until she was opening for Drake and collaborating with Big Sean. Now signed to Republic Records, she’s ready for her true arrival.

    Big Sean is back for another feature (“Ready Set”), while the LP also sees guests in Lil Wayne (the previously revealed “Kitten”), Trey Songz, Teyana Taylor, Summer Walker, and Lougotkash. Other preview tracks include the TRU-interpolating “Mobb’n” and “Ice Me Out”.

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    Speaking with Interview Magazine, Kash Doll discussed how she utilized social media to formulate her persona while stuck in her bad deal:

    “I was just going with my flow, having fun making videos, doing photo shoots, the stuff that most women like doing anyway. Some people think that I’m full of myself and that the only thing I can upload is pictures of me and how cute I am. They get to see me cracking jokes and being funny. If all else fails, I would just do stand-up. My alter ego is self-explanatory. Kash, because I’m about my money. Doll, because I’m pretty and I dress like a doll. Kash Doll is straightforward. She’s into the music. She’s talking about the money, like, ‘Eff the boys, they ain’t talking about nothing.’ Keisha is more down-to-earth. She’s cool, calm, collected. She will take her time with you. Kash Doll ain’t got no time.”

    Stream Stacked below, and get tickets to Kash Doll’s upcoming concerts here.

    Stacked Artwork:

    Kash Doll Stacked Album Artwork Cover

    Stacked Tracklist:
    01. KD Diary
    02. Ready Set (feat. Big Sean)
    03. So Amzing
    04. Paid Bitches
    05. Ice Me Out
    06. Kitten (feat. Lil Wayne)
    07. On Sight (feat. Trey Songz)
    08. Krazy (with Lougotkash)
    09. Mobb’n
    10. Cheap Shit
    11. Doin Too Much
    12. Buss It
    13. No Lames (feat. Summer Walker)
    14. Excuses
    15. Feel Something (feat. Teyana Taylor)
    16. Coastal Rota
    17. 100 of Us


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