Can someone help Lana Del Rey find her vape pen?

The search ultimately proved futile

Lana Del Rey Vape Pen

Stop the show! Lana Del Rey can’t find her vape pen.

That’s precisely what happened during LDR’s recent performance at the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon. The singer paused the evening after she apparently dropped her e-cigarette off the stage.

After calling over a few crew members to try and find it, she ultimately gave up. “Oh, fuck it,” the pop star said, then invited the patient crowd to sing along with her on the fan favorite “Video Games”.

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Del Rey has been on the road promoting her newest release Norman Fucking Rockwell!, treating show-goers to surprise guests like Joan Baez, Sean Lennon and Leonard Cohen’s son, Adam. She still has a good amount of tour dates left, so get those tickets here.

Also someone tell Lana Del Rey that vape pens are dangerous.

Watch the full footage below.


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