Morrissey’s Portland concert interrupted by protestors

The Smiths singer refused to continue performing until the protestors were kicked out

morrissey kicks out protestors portland

Despite pitifully low concert ticket sales, Morrissey has forged ahead with his US tour. However, he hasn’t exactly been warmly welcomed everywhere. During his Portland concert on Monday, the British artist stopped his set to kick out a pair of protestors in the audience.

In fan-caught footage of the incident, Moz is seen pausing his performance to address the two disruptive audience members directly. “Let’s be quite frank, when you with the sign are removed I will continue,” The Smiths singer declared. “Otherwise, get out now. Go! Go!”

Morrissey then had the house lights turned up to expose the protestors. One carried a sign that said “BIG MOUTH INDEED”, while the other had a sign featuring a crossed-out logo of For Britain, the far-right extremist party supported by the musician.

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“We don’t need you! Goodbye! We don’t need you! We don’t need you!” Morrissey continued to yell out.

Under the pressure of Moz and the crowd, the protestors exited the show. The Low in High School artist then resumed the concert.

Update, October 8th: Morrissey is now claiming he believes the protestors were paid and planted by the British press.

Check out the video below.

Morrissey has drawn plenty of criticism since pledging his allegiance to For Britain earlier this year. In June, Billy Bragg said that Moz had “betrayed” and “broken the hearts” of Smiths fans worldwide. Additionally, the world’s oldest record store even went so far as to boycott all of the musician’s releases.

Moz will be on the road throughout the end of the month, and you can snag tickets here.

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