My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way to score Clerks 3

It's his first-ever film score

Clerks 3 score My Chemical Romance Kevin Smith and Gerard Way, photo by David Brendan Hall

Kevin Smith wasn’t kidding when he said Clerks 3 is open for business. Weeks after sharing the plot for the previously abandoned sequel, the director has revealed that My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way will score the film.

The news broke during a roadshow event for Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. On Monday, Smith took the stage to promote the film at one of the events, as he has been for the past few weeks on the road, and the topic of the recently announced Clerks 3 revival came up. Smith then revealed that Way will be scoring the sequel, Slash Film reports.

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There’s word from Way himself yet, perhaps because he knows it will cause quite the commotion in the music scene. Clerks 3 would be his first time scoring a film, not to mention the first new music he’s put out in a while. Previously, Way released a solo record in 2014, dropped three standalone songs, collaborated with Smith on a track for Tusk, and covered Simon & Garfunkel for The Umbrella Academy. Other than that, he’s otherwise been keeping his nose in the writing and publishing side of his career ever since My Chemical Romance broke up.

If you’re worried Clerks 3 won’t actually happen — you know, like that time Smith tried to revive it back in 2015 and failed — don’t worry. Clerks 3 has solidified a plot related to Smith’s recent heart attack and will include many familiar faces, including Jay (Jason Mewes) and himself as Silent Bob. Now with Way in the mix, it looks like there’s enough momentum moving forward for this lazy train to stop.


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