Nickelback gets Trump’s “Photograph” video pulled from Twitter


Donald Trump's deleted Nickelback meme

Nickelback aren’t just a rock band. They’re our silent guardians, watchful protectors, and Dark Knights against the rampant copyright abuse found on Donald Trump’s Twitter feed.

Yesterday, in an attempt to troll his chief political rival, Joe Biden, Trump tweeted a photograph of Biden and his son golfing with a Ukrainian gas executive, superimposed into Nickelback’s video for “Photograph”.

Update – October 14th: Queen has also gotten one of POTUS’s tweets pulled, this one featuring a campaign rally speech soundtracked by “We Will Rock You”.

As of this morning, however, the video has been taken offline “in response to a report from the copyright holder.”

This is not the first time Trump’s Twitter feed has been silenced at the hands of a musical act. R.E.M. previously filed a copyright infringement notice against the president after he soundtracked a video with their song “Everybody Hurts”.

But because it’s Nickelback, Twitter has jokes for days.

In related news, I hear Trump is declaring war on Canada tomorrow.


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