Noname talks about her book club on The Daily Show: “It’s a little bit of a fuck you to Amazon”

Noname's Book Club spotlights independent PoC authors and PoC-owned bookstores

noname book club daily show interview

Over the summer, Noname started up her very own book club with a focus on supporting independent PoC authors. On Tuesday, the Chicago rapper spoke at length about it on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

According to Noname, the idea for a club came to her while she was high and reading. “Thank you, I smoke a lot of weed,” the Room 25 artist told the amused audience.

As she recounted to host Trevor Noah, she’d grown up surrounded by books, as her mother was the owner of a local Chicago bookstore for 20 years. Noname said she also spent a lot of time in her nearby library, where she began recording and rapping in the building’s new media space.

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Much like the “nondescript” nature of Noname (“I try not to promote any brand outside of myself”), her book club is strictly independent and specifically supports PoC authors and PoC-owned bookstores that “specialize in housing our stories.”

“It’s a little bit of a fuck you to Amazon,” she explained on The Daily Show, “and kind of a fuck you to the FBI” for burning down bookstores.

Simply titled Noname’s Book Club, the organization holds monthly events and get-togethers. Currently, the two books being spotlighted are Octavia E. Butler’s Parable Of The Talents, as chosen by R&B singer Kehlani, and Fariha Róisín’s How To Cure A Ghost.

Watch the full interview on Comedy Central’s website. For more information on the club, head to the official website.

In addition to her book club, Noname recently launched a supergroup, Ghetto Sage, with Smino and Saba. They released their debut single earlier this month.


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