SNL imagines R-rated Oscar the Grouch film: Watch

"Put on a grouchy face"

SNL's Oscar the Grouch parody

Todd Phillips’ R-rated Joker is laughing its way to box office history, having already earned a record-breaking $400 million worldwide in its first two weeks of release. Its success has led to rumors of a sequel as well as talk of similarly dark, adult-themed takes on other classic Hollywood IPs. This week’s episode of SNL imagined one such possibility: an origin story on Oscar the Grouch.

In the faux trailer, David Harbour plays a disgruntled garbage man working in the mean streets of Sesame Street. His descent into madness is interspersed with scenes of other classic characters who’ve fallen onto hard times, including Big Bird, The Count, Bert & Ernie, and Elmo. Watch the incredibly well-done parody below.


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