Perfume Genius shares “Pop Song” from new immersive dance project: Stream

Composed for The Sun Still Burns Here, an immersive dance project

Perfume Genius New Song Pop Song Stream The Sun Still Burns Here

Perfume Genius has released a sweeping new single called “Pop Song”. The track was composed for an immersive dance project called The Sun Still Burns Here, which played in Seattle earlier this month and will be staged in select cities over the coming months. Perfume Genius’ Mike Hadreas co-created the project alongside choreographer Kate Wallich in collaboration with dance company The YC.

With both “Pop Song” and the previously released single “Eye in the Wall”,  you can certainly hear how the music might inspire movement. The new song is built around echoing synth notes that skitter and crash into each other. Occasionally, the music rises in volume and swells with loveliness before releasing the tension and beginning over again.

“I imagined an ecstatic pile of bodies preparing to be consumed by the gods,” said Hadreas of “Pop Song” in a press release. “A joyous communal sacrifice of the physical to spiritually level up. The lyric is like a conjuration spell to be sung when the mountain of bodies settles in position and is held still as an offering.”

Listen to the track below. You can also hear it live when The Sun Still Burns Here is re-mounted this winter. Shows are set for November 13th-17th in New York City, December 5th-7th in Minneapolis, and January 17th and 18th in Boston. Tickets are available through the venues: The Joyce in NYC, Walker Art Center in Minnesota, and ICA Boston.


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