Refused share anti-capitalist song “Economy of Death”: Stream

The politically charged new album, War Music, arrives October 18th

Refused new song Economy of Death

Hardcore legends Refused have rolled out a steady stream of heavy-hitting singles prior to the release of their new album, War Music. The band has now shared another teaser track, “Economy of Death”. As its title bluntly implies, the song does not depict capitalism favorably.

The track’s breakdowns and riffs veer into thrash metal territory, with its pointed political sentiments recalling other politically motivated crossover thrash acts such as Sacred Reich and Propagandhi. Vocalist Dennis Lyxzén once declared that he had “a bone to pick with capitalism,” and echoes that statement on “Economy of Death”.

“Economy of Death” premiered on Spin, and Lyxzén told the website the following about the song:

“We’re a band that talks about politics. … That has been our M.O. from day one as a band, coming from a punk and hardcore background. We felt that, now, more than ever, was a time for us to show people our roots and let them know what we think about the world we live in today. It was something we felt we should do and needed to do.”

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If the prior singles “Blood Red” and “REV001” are any indication, War Music is encapsulated anger toward modern politics and fascism. In the video for the latter, Lyxzén even battles neo-fascists. They’ve made their opinion loud and clear, and their songs even clearer. “The working class is betrayed while capitalists do the bidding,” Lyxzén barks on “Economy of Death”. “Your occupation becomes that you die for a living / You’re so f**ked.”

War Music arrives on October 18th, and is currently available for pre-order via Spinefarm/Search & Destroy. The band heads out on a US tour next year in support of the album with openers Youth Code and Metz. Stream “Economy of Death” below.

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