Snoop Dogg received a bouquet with 48 joints to celebrate his birthday

A pre-rolled blunt for each year he's been alive

48 joints birthday blunts Weed bouquet (photo via TMZ) and Snoop Dogg (photo by Philip Cosores)

Snoop Dogg is flying high for his 48th birthday after receiving the perfect gift: a customized bouquet complete with four dozen pre-rolled joints.

The veteran rapper turned 48 years old on Sunday. To celebrate, friends ordered a special flower arrangement for him from cannabis floral designer and artist Leslie K Monroy. According to TMZ, Monroy was hired for the job after people at Snoop’s weed company, Merry Jane, saw some of her work at Flowers on Flowers, a company that combines floral arrangements with medical marijuana.

Those looking to get the same gift for a chilled-out friend will be pleased to know the joints weren’t identical; supposedly half were filled with Indica and the other half were filled with Sativa. Plus, in addition to flowers and plants in the bouquet, there were also four small weed clones and eight tall weed clones.

It looks like the full-time blunt roller that Snoop Dogg hired can take a well-deserved break for once.


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