Sony is shutting down PlayStation Vue

Movies and TV content will remain accessible through the PlayStation Store

Sony rip Playstation Vue
Playstation Vue

    Sony’s PlayStation Vue is officially shutting down. A press release on PlayStation’s blog announced the decision, citing an end date of January 30th of next year. Thankfully, PlayStation users will still be able to access movies and TV content via the PlayStation Store on PS4 and through entertainment app partnerships.

    PlayStation Vue made its debut four years ago. Combining live TV, on-demand video, and cloud-based DVR, Sony hoped the “modern TV experience” would innovate an industry already set in its ways. While the home entertainment industry has certainly changed over the last few years, especially as new streaming platforms continue to pop up, it’s still tough as ever to make a product that truly lasts. Unfortunately, the PlayStation Vue had to find this out firsthand.

    Because of the current competitiveness of the streaming and pay TV industry, Sony will nix the product in favor of continuing to focus on their core gaming business. That’s probably a good decision given the PlayStation 5 is apparently aiming to hit stores as soon as the upcoming holiday season. It boasts a new, reimagined controller as well as 3D audio and support for 8k gaming.


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    “We are very proud of what PlayStation Vue was able to accomplish,” read a press release. “We had ambitious goals for how our service could change how people watch TV, showcasing PlayStation’s ability to innovate in a brand-new category within the Pay TV industry. We want to thank all of our customers, some of whom have been with us since PlayStation Vue’s launch in 2015.”


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