Stephen King’s Bangor home to become museum and writers’ retreat

Finally, a chance for this writer to squeeze Molly the Thing of Evil -- or maybe not?

Stephen King's house, photo by Johann Trotter

Those looking for a haunted house will soon want to visit Bangor, Maine. Stephen and Tabitha King will open their doors to the public, allowing Constant Readers and writers a chance to see where the Master of Horror dwells.

According to Rolling Stone, the Kings’ request for their home to be rezoned as a non-profit was unanimously approved by the Bangor City Council on Wednesday night. The two plan to have the house archive King’s work and serve as a writers’ retreat.

“The King Family has been wonderful to the City of Bangor over time and have donated literally millions of dollars to various causes in the community,” one of the city councilors, Ben Sprague, told Rolling Stone. “Preserving his legacy here in Bangor is important for this community.”

No kidding. Over the years, King’s house — and, by proxy, Bangor itself — has become a hot tourist attraction amongst fans. So, having the chance to actually go inside will only pique that interest, though there are certain caveats to that opportunity.


Any forthcoming visits will be restricted by appointment (could you imagine the lines, otherwise?), and only five writers will be housed at a time (even that’s a little much). In other words, don’t just hop on a plane and expect to hang out in Joe’s room.

They also won’t be there. As most fans know, King and his family often spend their time either on the road or down in Florida or Oxford County at their other residencies. Sadly, that means this writer won’t get a chance to meet Molly, the Thing of Evil.

“They did not want the house to become a Dollywood or some kind of tourist attraction,” David Gould, a Bangor planning officer, told New England Cable News. “That would bring all sorts of people to the neighborhood, and they have other neighbors that live there.”

After all, we all know how Misery turned out.

Perhaps The Losers’ Club will find a way to stay and record at the home? Subscribe to the series now to find out. Below, you can hear their chat with Constant Reader Johann Trotter, whose photos of King’s house you can see above.

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