Quora user asks: “Could I ever go out with Stevie Nicks?”

An absurd question receives several absurd answers

Stevie Nicks Quora

Quora prides itself on being a social media network where users can ask literally any question and receive thorough and thoughtful answers. Based on the digest appearing in my inbox each morning, questions range from “Is Trump going to kill us all?” to “Do BTS have pets?”. Fascinating topics, for sure, but usually the ensuing answers fall victim to my morning email purge. Not today, though; how could I *not* click on a question asking, “Could I ever go out with Stevie Nicks”?

Surely this was a joke question, and surely no one actually took time out of their day to respond, let alone compose multiple paragraphs actually entertaining the scenario. Wrong.

One woman wouldn’t rule out dating Stevie Nicks as a possibility, based on her own life experiences. “I’ve run into famous people who have asked me out, another young man was my babysitter – and he also played for an NFL team… Another time I was working at a hotel – night audit. A group called Destiny’s Child checked in on my shift,” the woman wrote. “So it’s a matter of being in the right place at the right time. It isn’t about targeting someone. My saying to my children is – if you’re involved with M Wrong – you’ll never get to meet M. Right.”

A self-described Fleetwood Mac fan went one step further, imagining scenarios in which the user could wind up in a relationship with Nicks. “I suppose it depends on (1) whether you know Stevie well enough to make dating a possibility, and more to the point, whether (2a) she’s interested in you as a dating partner and (2b) whether she’s interested in dating at all.”

However, another Fleetwood Mac super fan was much less optimistic. “Stevie Nicks is in her seventies and reportedly is not interested in a relationship,” he wrote. “Stevie has had some bad relationships in the past. Living with Lindsey Buckingham could be hell; so says Stevie and so says Carol Ann Harris, Lindsey’s second ex-girlfriend. I will speculate that this is a big part of the reason why she would not be interested in going out. Not with me. Not with you. Even if you were a musician like, say, Rick Vito, still not.”

A fourth person cautioned any potential Stevie Nicks suitor: “There is a vast difference between the performer and the person, between a song and a conversation. You don’t know her any more than she knows you (or me).” He then went on to quote a Lawrence Ferlinghetti poem about waking up the next day with a woman with “bad teeth.”

Remarkably, there are many more answers beyond the ones transcribed above, and most take the scenario of an anonymous Quora user dating a world famous rock singer way more serious than they should. Thankfully, a guy named David eventually showed up and brought some much needed logic to the discussion: “No. Never. No. If you have to ask, then no. I don’t know you nor care to and still answer is no.”

Not all keyboard warriors wear capes.


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