MØ covers Smashing Pumpkins’ “Bullet with Butterfly Wings”: Stream

The 1995 alt-rock hit is considered one of MØ's favorite songs in the world

mo cover smashing pumpkins butterfly

Danish pop singer has a new project on the way in collaboration with Major Lazer member Walshy Fire. Titled Walshy Fire Presents: MMMMØ – The Mix, it features “old favorites, new favorites” and some B-sides from the last few years. It also boasts today’s newly unveiled cover of the Smashing Pumpkins hit “Bullet with Butterfly Wings”.

According to a post on Instagram, “Bullet with Butterfly Wings” is one of MØ’s “favorite songs in the world.” In her hands, the 1995 Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness single is stripped of most of its signature “rage”; instead, MØ, whom we CoSigned back in 2014, channels her emotions through a mellowed out, melancholy lens.

Hear it below, followed by the Pumpkins’ original.

Walshy Fire Presents: MMMMØ – The Mix officially arrives November 1st. It features past singles “Kamikaze” and “Sun in Your Eyes”, both of which feature Major Lazer’s Diplo, as well as collaborations with Charli XCX and Empress Of. MØ’s last proper full-length was Forever Neverland from 2018.


Walshy Fire Presents: MMMMØ – The Mix Tracklist:
01. MØ: “On & On (Mixed)”
02. MØ: “Blur (Mixed)”
03. MØ:“Kamikaze (Mixed)”
04. MØ: “Pilgrim (Mixed)”
05. MØ: “XXX 88 (Mixed)” (feat. Diplo)
06. Charli XCX: “Porsche (Mixed)” (feat. MØ)
07. MØ: “Turn My Heart to Stone (Mixed)”
08. MØ: “Bullet With Butterfly Wings (Mixed)”
09. MØ: “Freedom (#1) (Mixed)”
10. MØ: “Nostalgia (Mixed)”
11. MØ: “Beautiful Wreck (Mixed)”
12. MØ: “Nights With You (Mixed)”
13. MØ / Diplo: “Sun in Our Eyes (Mixed)”
14. Snakehips / MØ: “Don’t Leave (Mixed)”
15. MØ: “Red Wine (Mixed)” (feat. Empress Of)
16. MØ: “Way Down (Mixed)”
17. MØ: “Final Song (Mixed)”

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