Toro y Moi returns with new Soul Trash mixtape and short film: Stream

The artist also known as Chaz Bear is currently touring North America

toro yo moi soul trash mixtape film stream

Shortly after releasing his full-length album Outer Peace earlier this year, Toro y Moi dropped a surprise mixtape called Soul Trash. The project was only available as a limited Dropbox download at the time, but now he’s shared it on all digital streaming platforms. Additionally, the artist also known as Chaz Bear has paired the mixtape with a short film.

Due out via Carpark Records, the Soul Trash tape is comprised of 12 tracks. Judging by their titles, many were written over the last few years, with some going as far back as 2015. Guest contributors on the effort include Old Grape God, Caleon Fox, and Elijah Kessler.

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As for its corresponding visual, it was helmed by Laneya Billingsley. Billingsley uses the psychedelic music of Soul Trash to soundtrack a trippy montage of tour footage and clips from Toro y Moi’s everyday life. The director elaborated in a statement,

“Chaz Bear and I sought to create a vibrating immersive piece that mirrored the soft melancholic bounciness of the mixtape, making sure every delicate part was exactly how we envisioned. We wanted the video to feel like a sort of tour through internal rooms led by Chaz our tour guide, or soul guide if you will. With a handheld controller, grinning from ear to ear, Chaz navigates the turbulent internal atmosphere searching for each intangible floaty room buried within, each holding a different sound, feeling and sublime visual experience.”

Watch and/or stream Soul Trash below. Toro y Moi is currently touring North America through December, and you can grab tickets here.

Soul Trash Artwork:


Soul Trash Tracklist:
01. 3-28-18b
02. 9-19-17_b_blackhole_hifi_v3
03. b_elijah_therapy_v2 (feat. Elijah Kessler)
04. 7-21-17_substitute_hifi_v3
05. tron_new_rose_hifi_v2 (feat. Old Grape God)
06. 5-11-15_outdated_hifi_v3
07. 1-27-17_intro_function_wifi_
08. zeiss_hifi_v2 (feat. Caleon Fox)
09. 4-2618_tonys_drewbanga_hifi
10. castaway_tron_hifi_v2 (feat. Old Grape God)
11. atherton_hifi
12. drip bounce _ 7_24_18

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