Subscribing to all the major streaming services will cost you $104 bucks a month

Cord-cutting is getting awfully expensive

Netflix, Disney, Apple TV, HBO, Amazon Prime

The video on demand market is getting more cluttered by the day. Apple TV+ and Disney+ are both set to launch this fall, followed by HBO Max and Quibi in spring 2020. By the time next summer rolls around, there will be a total of 10 active streaming services operating in the US, offering subscribers hundreds of thousands of hours of exclusive and archival content.

As Boomberg’s Jon Erlichman points out, an individual who subscribes to all of these platforms can expect to pay at least $90 a month — and that’s the just floor. Erlichman didn’t include Quibi, Jeffrey Katzenberg’s forthcoming short-form video platform and its monthly $7.99 price point, or the niche horror service Shudder, which costs $4.99 per month. Nor did he factor in the cost of an OTT service for live television such as YouTube TV, Sling, or Hulu Live, which typically go for around $49.99 per month. There’s also still another major streaming platform still to be announced: NBCUniversal’s Peacock is expected to debut sometime in 2020 with the exclusive rights to shows like The Office and Parks & Rec. And if you’re a fan of a particular sport, you’re paying at least $20 a month to access those games.

All that’s to say the golden age of cord-cutting is in fact over. No longer are binge-worthy titles like Seinfeld and South Park confided to Netflix or Hulu. Meanwhile, creators like JJ Abrams and Ryan Murphy have signed lucrative first-look deals to keep their new stories behind lock and key. The average price for monthly cable bill in 2018 was around $200, which is about what you’ll have to pay to ensure you don’t miss out on the era of peak ad-free streaming TV.

Monthly subscription costs:

HBO Max – $14.99
Netflix – $12.99
Hulu – $11.99
Showtime – $10.99
CBS All Access – $9.99
Amazon Prime – $8.99
Starz – $8.99
Quibi – $7.99
Disney+ – $6.99
AppleTV+ – $4.99
Shudder – $4.99

= $103.89


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