Tyler, the Creator says Eminem chooses the “worst beats ever”

"[Eminem's] thinking of saying cool shit rather than making a good song," he adds

Rick Rubin podcast worst beats diss Tyler, the Creator (photo by Ben Kaye) and Eminem (photo by Natalie Somekh)

Tyler, the Creator has some advice for Eminem: pick better music to rap to. In a new interview, the Odd Future rapper said Eminem has “witty lines” but consistently picks the “worst beats ever” for his music.

The topic of discussion came up on a recent episode of Rick Rubin’s podcast, Broken Record. At one point during the episode, notes HipHopDX, the legendary producer asked Tyler what’s more important to him when it comes to songwriting: the beat or the lyrics. “I listen to the flow or the melody,” said Tyler. “That’s what really makes me know. Then I care about what the lyrics are. It’s all based on sound.”

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To support his opinion, Tyler cited Jay-Z as an artist who meshes vocals and beats “perfectly” in his music. “Some people are thinking of saying cool shit rather than making a good song,” he said. “People who hear a smooth beat like, ‘I’ma going fuckin’ yell on it! I’mma do this!’ They’re more thinking of saying cool shit rather than making a good song… Eminem picked some of the worst beats ever. Even Ludacris sometimes picked shitty beats. But their energy and their cool, witty lines are what made the songs cool. They’re an exception to the music.”

Hear the full exchange below.

Last year, Eminem surprised fans with Kamikaze, his seething tenth studio album. While he targeted Machine Gun Kelly and Donald Trump on the album, he also took shots at Tyler, the Creator — with a homophobic slur and imagery — by way of “Fall”. That song got enough pushback that even Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, who helped create the song, said he wanted to “kill this track”. Instead, Eminem gave it a music video. Even Justin Bieber called Eminem out for being so out of touch. It seems Tyler knows how to take shots while remaining civil, unlike Eminem. Oh, how the times have changed.


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