Verizon users will get a year of Disney+ for free

The promo begins November 12th, right when the streaming service launches

Disney Plus Verizon promo bundle free year

Not sure if Disney+ is worth the money? Luckily, if you use Verizon, you can test the waters for free thanks to a new promo. Verizon customers with unlimited wireless data and new Fios or 5G home Internet subscribers will be given a year of access to the streaming service beginning on its November 12th launch date.

It’s a smart move by Disney+, as most subscription-based companies know the way to rope customers in for the long haul is by implementing a free or reduced-rate trial period before raising the price to its standard amount. It’s like when Spotify announced its premium users could get a Hulu subscription for free. If you’re already using the product, why not try the other thing for free?

Verizon, of course, hopes this will earn them a handful of new customers. “Giving Verizon customers an unprecedented offer and access to Disney+ on the platform of their choice is yet another example of our commitment to provide the best premium content available through key partnerships on behalf of our customers,” said Hans Vestberg, Verizon’s Chairman and CEO, in a statement.

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Disney+ recently announced every movie and TV show that will be available on the streaming service at launch, making good on their promise of 400 films and upwards of 7,500 TV episodes. Still to come are the future Marvel Cinematic Universe shows, the Lizzie McGuire reboot, a Home Alone sequel, a sequel to Willow, the Sandlot series, the Monsters, Inc. series, a show about classic Disney villains, Star Wars properties like Obi-Wan, and shows picked up in the FOX acquisition.

Where are the other phone companies in this deal? Well, AT&T owns WarnerMedia, which is in the process of launching an HBO Max streaming service sometime soon, and it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect a similar package. Apple, meanwhile, will let customers who buy a new Apply device get a free year of Apple TV+ starting on November 1st.

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Disney+ officially launches on November 12th. It will be available as a standalone product for $6.99 and in a bundle with Hulu and ESPN+ for $12.99. They’re keeping the streaming service free of R-rated movies and more adult fare; instead, those will end up on Hulu, which Disney now owns a controlling stake of thanks to the FOX deal. So families with young children may find the combo price tag worth it for that alone.


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