Action Bronson announces Lamb Over Rice EP

The Alchemist-produced effort drops on November 22nd

Alchemist produced Lamb Over Rice EP Action Bronson, photo by Ben Kaye
Action Bronson, photo by Ben Kaye

    Action Bronson has announced a new EP. As he announced on Twitter over the weekend, it’s a seven-song record called Lamb Over Rice and it’s set to be released on November 22nd. Best of all, he tapped longtime collaborator Alchemist to produce the whole thing.

    It’s been a hot second since Action Bronson last blessed us with new music. Back in 2018, he dropped the album White Bronco, a fitting follow-up to records like Blue Chips 7000 and Mr. Wonderful. It also served as his first independent release since parting ways with Atlantic Records. There’s no word yet on who, if any label, is releasing Lamb Over Rice.

    Additionally, Action Bronson and Alchemist have announced a vinyl release of their 2012 collaboration Rare Chandeliers. It’s a double vinyl with three colorways, six “theater cards”, a sticker pack, and a download card. It’s limited to 1000. That’s set to come out on November 22nd as well. Read their tweets announcing the news below.


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    Action Bronson has been busy the past year or so. He joined fellow rap giants for Mac Miller’s all-star tribute concert, got arrested in Kosovo for smoking pot at a festival, did some acting in Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman, and took the time to cover Mary J. Blige’s “I’m Going Down” for Spotify, too. Not too shabby of a resume for his past year.

    Meanwhile, Alchemist has kept sharpening his talent with work, including his most recent compilation, Yacht Rock 2, which featured the Bronson collaboration “Tropical Storm Lenny”. If they did a remix of that track for their upcoming Lamb Over Rice EP, I hope they renamed it “Tropical Storm Yummy” instead.

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