Al Pacino fights Nazis in trailer for Jordan Peele series Hunters: Watch

Pacino leads and mentors a group of aspiring Nazi hunters

Al Pacino in Hunters Jordan Peele TV show series Amazon
Al Pacino in Hunters

    Finally, a good look at Al Pacino the Nazi hunter. Amazon has finally released the first trailer for Jordan Peele’s new series, Hunters. The Amazon TV series follows Pacino and his team as they wipe out Nazis in a post-WWII New York City. Check out the trailer below.

    Created by David WeilHunters takes place in 1977, and therefore sees the group going after former high-ranking officers who went into hiding as they attempt to form a Fourth Reich. Pacino plays a hunter mentor and Logan Lerman plays his apprentice. Both Weil and Nikki Toscano are showrunners. Executive producing are Peele, Monkeypaw’s Win Rosenfeld, and Sonar’s Tom Lesinski and Jenna Santoianni. It begins streaming on Amazon sometime in 2020.

    In the new trailer, Al Pacino gives a monologue (which we got a taste of in Hunters‘ teaser trailer) that acts as voice-over mission statement. As that plays out, we see a handful of establishing character shots and environment pans to give a feel for the show’s setting. Numerous swastikas and menacing glares between neighbors create a thick air of tension. It’s only when Pacino welcomes the band of misfits to “the hunt” that we see some action against Nazis: knife fights, fist fights, and gun fights galore. It’s satisfying if you like seeing a notoriously evil hate group meet its demise.


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    More than anything else, the trailer proves that Hunters isn’t just a role Pacino is playing, but rather a character he full-on becomes for the show — essentially guaranteeing a riveting, serious, multi-layered TV performance from the actor. Perhaps that was to be expected given he’s a veteran film star and this is his first time appearing in a TV series.

    “There comes a time where we all must choose between the light and the darkness, but when there’s great darkness in this world, perhaps the choice is made for us,” Pacino says in the clip. “The time to act is now before everything we hold dear to us is destroyed… Welcome to the hunt.” Watch the new trailer below.

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