Final four Dio albums to be reissued with bonus live tracks

The legendary metal act's output from 1996 to 2004 will be remastered on CD and vinyl

Ronnie James Dio album reissues 2020

The final four Dio albums — Angry MachinesMagicaKilling the Dragon, and Master of the Moon — are receiving deluxe reissues. Due out February 21st, The Studio Album Collection: 1996–2004 offers remasters of all four albums on vinyl and CD, and digital formats. Additionally, the CD and digital versions include rare live recordings from each album’s accompanying tour.

The announcement is big news for Dio vinyl collectors. Angry Machines is receiving its first official LP release, while MagicaKilling the Dragon, and Master of the Moon will finally be back for the first time in years (prior limited pressings go for astronomical figures on the second-hand market).

“I am very excited to be working with BMG, a label that still has a passion for rock music,” said Wendy Dio, widow of late frontman Ronnie James Dio. “They will be making the complete Dio catalogue available again with some interesting surprises.”

In addition to the standalone 180-gram vinyl LPs, the CD and digital versions of each album include unreleased live recordings from the accompanying tours. Magica will also be packaged with a limited 7inch of 2009 single “Electra” — the only completed studio recording from the planned Magica II album that went unfinished after Dio’s passing in 2010. Longtime Dio collaborator Wyn Davis oversaw the remastering for all of the material, and designer Marc Sasso updated the album artwork for each release.

Stream a number of bonus tracks and check out the full tracklist for each reissue below.

Angry Machines Tracklist:

Disc 1 and LP:
01. Institutional Man
02. Don’t Tell the Kids
03. Black
04. Hunter of the Heart
05. Stay Out of My Mind
06. Big Sister
07. Double Monday
08. Golden Rules
09. Dying in America
10.  This is Your Life

Disc 2 (CD and digital) – Live on Angry Machines Tour 1997:
01. Jesus Mary and The Holy Ghost – Straight Through The Heart
02. Don’t Talk to Strangers
03. Double Monday
04. Hunter of the Heart
05. Holy Diver
06. Heaven and Hell
07. Long Live Rock and Roll
08. Man on the Silver Mountain
09. Rainbow in the Dark
10.  The Last in Line
11.  The Mob Rules
12.  We Rock

Magica Tracklist:

Disc 1 & LP 1 (LP 2 includes Magica Story + “Electra” bonus 7″):
01. Discovery
02. Magica Theme
03. Lord of the Last Day
04. Fever Dreams
05. Turn to Stone
06. Feed My Head
07. Eriel
08. Chalis
09. As Long As It’s Not About Love
10.  Losing My Insanity
11.  Otherworld
12.  Magica (Reprise)
13.  Lord of the Last Day (Reprise)

Disc 2 (CD and digital) Live on Magica Tour 2001:
01. Discovery
02. Magica
03. Lord of the Last Day
04. Fever Dreams
05. Eriel
06. Chalis
07. Losing My Insanity
08. Otherworld
09. Electra – Studio Track
10. Magica Story – Studio/Spoken Word

Killing the Dragon Tracklist:

Disc 1 and LP:
01. Killing the Dragon
02. Along Comes a Spider
03. Scream
04. Better in the Dark
05. Rock and Roll
06. Push
07. Guilty
08. Throw Away Children
09. Before the Fall
10.  Cold Feet

Disc 2 (CD and Digital) Live on Killing the Dragon Tour 2002/2003:
01. Holy Diver
02. Heaven and Hell
03. Rock and Roll
04. I Speed at Night
05. Killing the Dragon
06. Stand Up and Shout

Master of the Moon Tracklist:

Disc 1 and LP:
01. One More for the Road
02. Master of the Moon
03. The End of the World
04. Shivers
05. The Man Who Would Be King
06. The Eyes
07. Living the Lie
08. I Am
09. Death by Love
10.  In Dreams

Disc 2 (CD and Digital) Live on Master of the Moon Tour 2004/2005:
01. Heaven and Hell
02. Rainbow in the Dark
03. Rock and Roll Children
04. The Eyes
05. Prisoner of Paradise – Studio Track


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