Rare Foo Fighters B-sides receive digital debut

"Spill", "Normal", and the acoustic version of "Times Like These" are streaming for the first time.

Foo Fighters, photo by Philip Cosores

As Foo Fighters’ 25th anniversary approaches, the band continues to release archival EPs containing B-sides, rarities, and live recordings from various points in their career. Already the Foo Files series has produced covers of Arcade Fire and Dead Kennedys; a live recording of a 10th anniversary concert in Roswell, New Mexico; and rare tracks from 1995 and 2000.

Now, Foo Fighters have opened the vault once more and given the digital debut to three long sought-after tracks: the In Your Honor-era B-side “Spill”, the acoustic version of “Times Like These”, and the One By One B-side “Normal” are all available to stream for the first time.

“Spill”, which was previously only available on 7-inch vinyl, appears on Foo Fighters’ 02050525 EP alongside other B-sides from 2005’s In Your Honor.

Meanwhile, the acoustic version of “Times Like These” and “Normal” are pulled from 00020225. That EP also includes several other rarities and live recordings from the era of 2002’s One By One.

You can listen to both releases below. Foo Fighters recently began work on a brand new album with the target of a 2020 release. Drummer Taylor Hawkins also has a new solo album on the way called Get the Money.


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