Jeff Lynne’s ELO releases new album From Out of Nowhere: Stream

The Rock & Roll Hall of Famer returns with his first new album in four years

Jeff Lynne From Out of Nowhere New Album Stream

Jeff Lynne’s ELO has released a new album, From Out of NowhereStream it now via Apple Music or Spotify.

The 10-track effort marks the 14th studio album from the Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Fame outfit, though only the second credited to the “Jeff Lynne’s ELO” banner. Lynne has long been the engine driving Electric Light Orchestra, carrying on the band name when he restarted the project for 2001’s comeback record ZoomAfter another 14-year hiatus, he launched the self-titled moniker with 2015’s Alone in the Universe.

Like its predecessor, From Out of Nowhere is effectively a solo project. Lynne produced and wrote every song, played every instrument, and harmonized vocals with himself. Longtime ELO keyboardist Richard Tandy stops by for some more guest work, while Lynne’s frequent collaborator Steve Jay helped with the engineering and additional percussion.

In an interview with BBC Radio 2, Jeff Lynne explained the genesis of the LP’s title track:

“When I wrote it, that’s where it actually came from, out of nowhere. I had just started to write songs for the new album, and that was the first one I wrote. It came to me really quick. You know, I’ve got about six chords in a sequence, and I had a little tune already, and that’s very promising for me because it usually takes me a while. It came with hardly any effort at all. Sometimes you can get stuck with words, stuck on lots of different bits, the chorus isn’t quite right, or loads of things can go astray. This one just came out as I wanted it, and it was kind off a song from out of nowhere with a bit of hope and optimism in it. That’s how it came to me, simple as that.”

Jeff Lynne’s ELO’s From Out of Nowhere below, and grab your own copy via Amazon.

From Out of Nowhere Artwork:

From Out of Nowhere Tracklist:
01. From Out of Nowhere
02. Help Yourself
03. All My Love
04. Down Came The Rain
05. Losing You
06. One More Time
07. Sci-Fi Woman
08. Goin’ Out on Me
09. Time of Our Life
10. Songbird


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