Lizzo going through a haunted house is the perfect farewell to the Halloween season: Watch

The hilarious segment was filmed for The Ellen DeGeneres show

Lizzo Haunted House The Ellen DeGeneres Show Average Andy Halloween

While the winter holidays are a time to hold your friends close, Halloween is a time to hold them in front of you as a human shield from evil spirits. Lizzo did just that as she made her way through a haunted house on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Accompanied by Ellen’s producer Average Andy, the “Truth Hurts” singer started off confidently enough. “We’re about to rock this bitch!” Lizzo declared outside Pandora’s Cabinet of Curiosity at Universal Studios. “I am 100% that scary-ass bitch!” Then a masked actor appeared and Lizzo screamed in terror; she was already cursing profusely, and she hadn’t even stepped inside.

As they made their way through the haunted house, Lizzo and Average Andy fought for the privilege of bringing up the rear. Through jump scare after jump scare, Lizzo’s every reaction is delightful, whether it’s flipping off puppets, booty-popping demons and commanding them to “Get yo ass out the way!”, or laying on the ground moaning, “My weave!” At one point, confronted with a particularly tall skeletal figure, Lizzo pushed Average Andy to the front, wrapped her arms around his tiny chest, half-picked him up, and charged. To her credit, she quickly apologized that she’d “used you as a shield.”

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Check out the delightfully silly video below.

Going through a haunted house for a daytime talk show is the least bonkers thing Lizzo has going on for her lately. She’s been dealing with a plagiarism claim over “Truth Hurts”, recently issuing a response denying the accusation. Meanwhile, she was recently  joined on stage by Macaulay Caulkin, and just last week, Ariana Grande hopped on a remix of her 2016 hit “Good as Hell”. Lizzo also still has plenty of dates left on her world tour, including appearances on iHeartRadio’s “Jingle Ball Tour”. Get tickets to all her upcoming dates here.


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