Awkward mosh pit breaks out during Marilyn Manson’s gig at Astroworld Fest

The Antichrist Superstar performed at Travis Scott's hip-hop fest in Houston

Marilyn Manson mosh pit at hip-hop fest
Marilyn Manson, photo by Raymond Ahner

    When rapper Travis Scott announced his last-minute lineup for his Astroworld festival, it was filled with a number of notable hip-hop artists … and Marilyn Manson. Now, footage has emerged from Manson’s set, showing a somewhat awkward mosh pit in the crowd.

    The one-day fest took place this past Saturday, November 9th, at NRG Park in Houston, Texas, with Scott and Manson also joined on the bill by Young Thug, Pharrell, Megan Thee Stallion, and more.

    While a bit of an oddball on the bill, Manson seemed to win over the crowd. During Manson’s cover of the Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams”, a mosh pit of sorts broke out. Actually, it was more like a bunch of dudes pogo jumping and being careful not to get too rowdy. We give them an “A” (as in “Antichrist”) for effort, though. Watch the footage below.

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    As for new music, Manson recently released a cover of the traditional folk song “God’s Gonna Cut You Down”. A new album was anticipated for 2019, but at this point, a 2020 date seems more likely.


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