Alex Somers reveals Honey Boy film soundtrack: Stream

Honey Boy is a biopic about Shia LaBeouf's own life

alex somers honey boy stream
Alex Somers, photo by Bella Howard

    Alex Somers provided the music for Honey Boy, the new film from Shia LaBeouf. Now, to coincide with the drama’s theatrical release, the OST is available to stream in full below via Apple Music or Spotify.

    The Honey Boy soundtrack features a total of 26 tracks, including arrangements titled “Blood Family”, “Play the Tape Out”, “A Mirror Behind You”, and “Mother Fell Out of a Window”. There are also compositions named “Blackout”, “Save Yourself”, and “Wear Me Out”.

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    Somers enlisted the assistance of past collaborator Paul Corley, as well as Zach Shields of Dead Man’s Bones, and the London Contemporary Orchestra’s Robert Ames, Galya Bisengalieva, and Ben Corrigan.


    Directed by Alma Har’el, Honey Boy is a biopic based on LaBeouf’s own life. In addition to penning the screenplay, LaBeouf plays his father (James Lort) in the film, while Lucas Hedges portrays LaBeouf (Otis Lort).

    In a statement about his music, Somers said,

    “Making the music for Honey Boy was a dream. We stayed up all night in my studio experimenting with weird sounds and toys to create a musical collage that would tell the story of Otis our central character: Otis as a mistreated child; Otis as a struggling adult; and the fucked up relationship between Otis and his addict father.”

    “It’s a sad story, but not one without pangs of hope, positivity and beauty. It was so fun and challenging and inspiring to find that chord, that balance in between that space where Otis exists. That in between space became our compass and that tone became the sound of the film.”


    The Baltimore-born musician is no stranger when it comes to soundtrack work. In 2017, he contributed to “Hang the DJ”, a season four episode of Black Mirror.

    The Honey Boy OST comes just a month after the release of Lost and Found, a surprise album from Somers and frequent collaborator Jónsi of Sigur Rós. The pair recently wrapped up their Riceboy Sleeps anniversary tour.

    Honey Boy OST Artwork:


    Honey Boy OST Tracklist:
    01. Honey Boy
    02. Apologize
    03. A Good Day
    04. Where You Come From
    05. Blood Family
    06. Treehouse
    07. I’m Your Cheerleader Honey Boy
    08. Without a Net
    09. Play the Tape Out
    10. Blackout
    11. A Mirror Behind You
    12. Save Yourself
    13. Fair
    14. This Place
    15. Mother Fell Out of a Window
    16. Old Man
    17. Real World
    18. None of It’s Real
    19. Trust Me Honey Boy
    20. I Want You to Be Here
    21. Wear Me Out
    22. Was, Is, Will Be…
    23. You’re a Fucking Star
    24. Promise
    25. A Violent Act
    26. All I Ever Wanted

    Revisit the Honey Boy trailer:


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