Burial, Laurel Halo, Dean Blunt and more contribute to new Hyperdub compilation: Stream

HyperSwim comes as the London label celebrates its 15th anniversary

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Hyperdub’s HyperSwim artwork

    To celebrate its 15th anniversary, electronic music label Hyperdub has teamed up with Adult Swim for a new compilation album. Listen to it here.

    The digital-only release “acts as a snapshot of where the label is at in its fifteenth year” and features all-new music made specifically for the compilation. These tracks come courtesy of Hyperdub’s numerous experimental producers and musicians, such as Burial, Laurel Halo, Dean Blunt, and Kode9. DJ Taye, DJ Haram, Ikonika, Fatima Al Qadiri, and Lee Gamble also contributed to the 19-song effort.

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    Hyperdub will further mark their anniversary next month with Tunes 2011-2019, a new album collecting all of Burial’s one-off releases and EPs from the last eight years.

    In related news, Adult Swim recently announced the latest installment of its Singles Series, which promises new songs from Flying Lotus, DAWN, and Matthew Dear.

    HyperSwim Tracklist:
    01. MHYSA – “Games”
    02. Okzharp and Manthe Ribane – “In Your Own Time”
    03. Ikonika – “Primer”
    04. Proc Fiskal – “Devlish River”
    05. DJ Taye – “Inferno”
    06. DJ Haram – “Get It”
    07. Angel Ho – “Chaos”
    08. Burial – “Old Tape”
    09. Doon Kanda – “Perfume”
    10. Mana – “Climbing The Walls”
    11. Dean Blunt – “Darcus”
    12. Scratcha DVA – “Baka”
    13. Cooly G – “Nocturnal”
    14. Nazar – “Unruly”
    15. Kode9 – “Cell3”
    16. DJ Spinn – “Opioids”
    17. Lee Gamble – “Chain 9”
    18. Laurel Halo – “Crush”
    19. Fatima Al Qadiri – “Filth”


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