Lucy Dacus puts a “psychotic” spin on holiday classic “Last Christmas”: Stream

The boygenius member reworks the seasonal Wham! tune for her 2019 EP

Despite its upbeat nature, Wham!’s classic “Last Christmas” is probably one of the saddest holiday songs in regular rotation. For her new cover of the seasonal tune, Lucy Dacus taps into the track’s darker, bleaker narrative.

“I don’t really like Christmas,” the singer-songwriter admitted in a statement, before detailing how the cover came to life. “In the studio, we listened to the original of ‘Last Christmas’ and didn’t talk about an arrangement. I just told everyone to play it angry. This is what happened first take. It actually came out pretty fun, maybe a tad psychotic.”

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Psychotic is a strong word, but fits the intense energy of Dacus’ take on “Last Christmas”. Having your heart stomped the day after Christmas could drive just about anyone mad, ya know?

Hear it for yourself below.

Today’s cover will appear on a new EP, 2019, which collects all of the holiday-themed covers Dacus has released throughout the year; it’s due out November 8th through Matador Records.

Last month, the boygenius member took on Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight” as an ode to Halloween. Before that, we heard her cover of “La Vie En Rose” by Édith Piaf for Valentines Day, her original song “My Mother & I” for Mothers Day, her anti-patriotism song “Forever Half Mast” for Independence Day, and a cover of “Dancing in the Dark” in honor of Bruce Springsteen’s birthday.

Dacus is currently touring North America through the winter. Grab your tickets here.

Compare it to Wham!’s original:

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