Trump’s #MAGAChallenge is absolute cringe

The winners of the rap challenge will perform at the White House

Donald Trump's #MAGAChallenge
Donald Trump’s #MAGAChallenge

Already in talks for The Apprentice: White House, America’s reality show president is now encouraging his loyal followers to participate in the #MAGACHALLENGE.

The challenge was initially launched back in September by a pro-Trump rapper named Bryson Gray, who encouraged fellow MAGA thumpers to post rap videos in dedication to their supreme leader. “I want y’all to your own rap to it too then tag me!” Gray tweeted. “Lets make liberals cry!”

On Friday, Trump amplified the challenge by announcing that he’d be inviting the winners to perform at the White House.

As one might expect, the resulting videos are proving to be peak cringe. (Note: We’re still waiting for Kanye’s entry.)

But here’s my personal favorite:

On a related note, Donald Trump’s Twitter follower count currently stands at 66.6 million. That can’t be coincidental.