Wilco play “Love is Everywhere (Beware)” on Seth Meyers: Watch

The rock veterans are touring in support of the recently released Ode to Joy

Wilco Late Night with Seth Meyers Love is Everywhere Beware Watch

There are few pleasures in live music like veteran performers who are both committed to simplicity and have the technical chops to make simple interesting. Few do it better than Wilco, who demonstrated their chops while shuffling across the stage on Seth Meyers Monday night for a quietly devastating performance of “Love is Everywhere (Beware)”.

For their performance of the lead single from their recent Ode to Joy, Wilco didn’t really dress up — in fact, they seem barely dressed at all. But the messy bed-head only emphasized how tightly that guitar locked into those drums. Frontman Jeff Tweedy’s voice wasn’t album-perfect, but his raspy, slightly breathy phrasing was perfectly intimate and raw. Watch the replay of “Love is Everywhere (Beware)” below.

If you’re in the mood for more tight late night music, check out Wilco’s crisp Colbert performance of “Everyone Hides” from last month.

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Wilco will wrap up the year with a robust tour of the Midwestern United States before kicking off 2020 with their Sky Blue Sky Festival in Mexico. They’ll also appear at April’s freshly announced High Water Festival in South Carolina. Snag your tickets here.


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