Will Ferrell takes Harry Styles’ place in extremely meta cut-for-time SNL sketch: Watch

Ironically, the premise is about the sketch itself being previously cut for time

Will Ferrell Harry Styles Cut for Time Saturday Night Live SNL

Earlier this month, Harry Styles pulled double duty on Saturday Night Live as both host and musical guest. Despite all he did on the program — like singing “Lights Up” and transmogrifying from a dog — there were still some sketches cut for time. Thankfully, Will Ferrell was there to pick up the slack last weekend, taking the former One Direction member’s place in a cut-for-time sketch.

At least, that’s the premise of one SNL bit that was, ironically, cut for time from the November 23rd episode. The sketch opens with a scroll explaining the meta setup, stating that show writers originally thought only Styles could play the part. “Will Ferrell, always competitive, said, “If Styles can do it, so can I,'” reads the intro. “After all, I was doing sketch comedy when Harry was just a fetus in his mom’s butt.”

Cut to Aidy Bryant, Cecily Strong, and Kate McKinnon as teenaged girls sitting in a mall talking about the hot new transfer student, English Kevin. The new kid in town apparently is “smooth and young like a baby seal, but with abs” and “sings like an angel and dances like the devil himself,” as Bryant describes to her pair of gushing (you’ll get that terribly perverse pun after watching the clip) friends. Then out walks Ferrell wearing Styles’ clothes and playing a shy, dumb “teen” who has trouble eating soft-serve ice cream and has a tattoo of “a dolphin, which is a friendly shark.”

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Unfortunately, when he tries to perform 1D’s hit “What Makes You Beautiful” and attempts a split, he rips his “fashion jeans” and exposes his “D-word.” “I brought it from England from me and I call it Big Ben,” he says, but not because it’s large like the famous clock. “No, because it’s pretty messed up, like Ben Roethlisberger.”

Watch the clip below, and see the real Harry Styles in concert for yourself by grabbing tickets here.


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