Lil Wayne announces new cannabis brand GKUA Ultra Premium

Tunechi's new weed company offers a premium line of products with some of the "highest natural levels of THC available"

Lil Wayne Cannabis GKUA Ultra Premium
Lil Wayne, photo by Ben Kaye

    Lil Wayne has announced his very own weed brand, GKUA Ultra Premium.

    As reported by Complex, the rapper’s new cannabis company claims to offer some of the “highest natural levels of THC available,” sourced from growers who specialize in potent strains. “I used to just want to get high, now I smoke to get inspired,” Lil Tunechi said in a press statement. “With GKUA, I’m sharing a feeling that I love.”

    GKUA’s product line include THC vape carts, concentrates, and more, and will be available in the new year in select stores throughout Los Angeles.

    To celebrate the company’s 2020 kick-off, GKUA will be offering a chance to score tickets to the GKUA VIP Party, which includes a special performance from Lil Wayne himself.

    In a statement, GKUA co-founder and president Beau Golob expressed his enthusiasm for the new venture, saying,

    “The combination of our incredible products, market knowledge and commitment to quality, paired with the unmatched fanbase of Lil Wayne, the ultimate cannabis connoisseur, creates an unprecedented opportunity to create a cannabis brand that values creativity and the artistic pursuit. It’s an honor to lead this company along with Lil Wayne, curating a premium line of products that inspired people and feeds their creativity.”

    The rapper joins a long running list of musicians and celebrities launching their own weed endeavors. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg debuted their Houseplant brand back in the spring, Jenny Lewis recently introduced her own strain of the plant, and billionaire rapper and businessman Jay-Z stepped in as a brand strategist for the cannabis company Caliva. The timing might not be the best though, as the FDA just recently issued a warning against potential harm from overconsumption of weed’s THC counterpart, CBD.


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