Nine Inch Nails will record a new album and tour in 2020

Trent Reznor breaks the news in an interview with Revolver

Nine Inch Nails, photo by Lior Phillips

Nine Inch Nails are gearing up for a return. In a new interview with Revolver, frontman Trent Reznor revealed the band is planning to record new music and go on tour in 2020. Fans broke the news on Reddit after grabbing an early copy of the magazine.

In the January 2020 issue of Revolver, Reznor caught up with the magazine for a cover story about Nine Inch Nails. If you’re wondering what mood they’re going for, rest assured in knowing that an ominous black-and-white photo of Reznor’s face takes up the entire cover page. The writer focuses on Reznor’s recent work soundtracking films and TV shows alongside Atticus Ross before bringing up Nine Inch Nails, who have been relatively quiet since performing one of the most anticipated and fulfilling tours of 2018.

“But Nine Inch Nails is not forgotten,” the article reads. “The band recently released ‘the definitive edition’ of its 2005 album With Teeth, and in 2020, Reznor and Ross plan to take the group back out on tour, as well as record new NIN music.”

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Unfortunately, there’s no word on what direction Nine Inch Nails will steer the album towards or where they plan on performing. What we do know is that the interview took place in Reznor’s new studio, his first since New Orleans staple Nothing Studios shuttered in 2004. He’s been on quite a hot streak penning scores and soundtracks — including the music in Bird Box, Watchmen, Waves, and The Woman in the Window — so the new studio location may be responsible for getting his creative juices going, and, in turn, make him more inspired for new band material.

Whatever the new music sounds like, it will be Nine Inch Nails’ first studio album since 2013’s Hesitation Marks and their follow-up to the EP trilogy of Not the Actual Events, Add Violence, and Bad WitchCross your fingers it drops next year, too.


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