Power Trip cover “When Things Go Wrong” by NYHC band Outburst: Stream

The Texas thrashers also release 7-inch flexi version of 2018 single "Hornet's Nest"

Power Trip cover Outburst
Power Trip, photo by Jon Hadusek

    Power Trip play thrash metal with a vibrant punk attitude, so its no surprise they’re familiar with cult New York hardcore act Outburst, who only released a handful of EPs and singles in the late ’80s that have become artifacts of NYHC lore. Power Trip tackled one Outburst’s signature tracks, “When Things Go Wrong”, for a new compilation called Hot Sh!t Attitude that’s dedicated to the punks from Queens.

    The track was taken from Outburst’s 1989 EP, Miles To Go, considered a seminal piece of underground New York hardcore. That EP is receiving a long overdue vinyl reiessue from Blackout! Records, which is also releasing the covers compilation. Power Trip have been covering “When Things Go Wrong” during their live sets, and that energy is captured in the recording.

    If that wasn’t enough to satisfy Power Trip’s rapidly growing fanbase, the Texans have dropped a 7-inch flexi disc version of their 2018 song “Hornet’s Nest”, which was originally released as part of the Adult Swim Single Series.


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    Any new releases from the band are a welcome tide-over from 2017’s Nightmare Logic, as we await the band’s highly anticipated follow-up album.

    Pre-order Hot Sh!t Attitude via Blackout!, and snag the “Hornet’s Nest” flexi via Dark Operative. Listen to both tracks below.

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