TOKiMONSTA shares new single “Love That Never”: Stream

Plus, she shared a soothing visual that goes along with it

Love That Never new song TOKiMONSTA, photo by Bethany Vargas
TOKiMONSTA, photo by Bethany Vargas

    TOKiMONSTA has shared a new song called “Love That Never”. It’s arrived with a soothing animated visual as well. Check it out below.

    “Love That Never” is a buoyant love song about staying positive. It’s technically the third single from TOKiMONSTA this year, following “Strange Foot” and “Dream Chorus”. Hopefully that means a new album is on the way, as her last record, Lune Rouge, came out back in 2017.

    In a press release, TOKiMONSTA explained the song’s origins, saying that the inspiration came to her after realizing “how multifaceted love is” upon entering a new stage of life. “It is this beautiful overwhelming sensation that fills us up, but can also leave us empty and bare,” she said. “This song is a personal reminder that if we foster our own intangible love, we will always be fulfilled.”

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    “Love That Never” comes with a gorgeous visual depicting “our solitary journey to that place deep inside us that is a well of pure joy.” In a series of watercolor-like animations by Sydney-based studio Babekühl, we see a woman fall into a body of water and plummet to its bottom as shapes swirl around her. When she awakes, she finds herself in a strange world and takes off running past bird-hybrid fish, giant squid, and tall underwater mountains. Watch it below.


    If you’re looking to let this song wrap its minimal electronic arms around you live, then you’re in luck. TOKiMONSTA is currently on tour and has plenty more dates left to perform at. Grab tickets to all of her upcoming concerts here.

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