List of banned clothing items at Slipknot show stirs up fan backlash

Large belt buckles and spiked collars were among the restricted accessories

Slipknot banned items
Slipknot, via Roadrunner Records

Prior to Slipknot’s show this past Saturday at The SSE Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland, the venue issued a list of banned items that raised the eyebrows of the band’s fans. Among the restricted accessories were some popular fashion choices among Slipknot concertgoers.

The full list of banned items included such potential distractions as laser pointers, fireworks, candles, whistles, and signs, but it was the fashion items that stirred up the ire of a number of fans. The list included large belt buckles, large chain wallets, chains or sharp pointed rings, and “spiked bracelets / belts / collars / boots / jackets.”

BBC reported that the venue published the list of banned accessories prior to the show. When reached for comment, the venue stated, “We want everyone attending an event here to have an enjoyable experience. However, there are restrictions on what is allowed into the SSE Hydro and these can vary — this is related to the safety of everyone attending events here and to the security of the venue.” The venue went on to mention that similar bans were in place at other venues on Slipknot’s current UK tour.

Donald MacLeod, who owns Glasgow venues the Garage and Cathouse, and who did not have anything to do with the SSE Hydro show, was asked for comment by the BBC. He stated, “We’ve never had issues like this on dress. It’s incredible. I must admit I burst out laughing and thought this was a joke … I can’t see how telling people not to wear big boots is going to prevent fires, it’s ridiculous.”

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In a video segment, STV News caught up with a few fans who expressed their displeasure, with Debbie Moffat saying, “I know the Hydro does tend to have a lot of security in place and that’s fair enough. But when you’re seeing that it’s belt buckles and wallets, 99% of that stuff is ideally what people who go to this gig want to wear.”

She added, “The boots I’ve got for [the gig] are metal with spikes, can’t wear them. I had a leather jacket with spikes on it, can’t wear that.”

Twitter user Scott AA Wilson chimed in with some humor, remarking, “Going to see Slipknot on Saturday and the venue just posted a message saying no ‘spiked bracelets / belts / collars / boots / jackets, chains or sharp pointed rings’ are allowed. Looking forward to 10,000 goths in cardigans and harem pants.”

See the STV News video report, as well as more fan tweets, below. Slipknot’s UK and European tour with support from Behemoth runs through a February 24th show in Helsinki, Finland.