Faith No More have “no plans” to record new music despite return to touring in 2020

The alt-metal legends are set to play their first shows in four years

Faith No More no new album
Faith No More

    Faith No More are set to play their first shows in four years in 2020, but that doesn’t mean the band is planning to record the follow-up to 2015’s Sol Invictus.

    “You know, there’s no plans right now to record any new music,” keyboardist-guitarist Roddy Bottum told Kerrang! in a new interview. “There’s no plans at all. I think we’re all at an age, or at a time in our lives, where looking back at what we’ve done is a profound place to be. I’m super proud of what we’ve done in a way that I haven’t been before.”

    As Bottum reflects, the band no longer feels “dirty” about performing their classic material for fans, so it seems Faith No More is content with what they’ve created over a prolific, nearly 40-year career. Rather than be a spark for new music, the upcoming tour will serve to finish what the band started with Sol Invictus and give finality to that album cycle.

    “I think maybe some years ago it did feel a little bit dirty,” Bottum said, “like we were taking advantage of the world by just going out there and playing old songs, but for whatever reason I’m in a different place with that right now. I think our legacy speaks for itself in the way the world is right now. It’s refreshing and it’s appropriately provocative to throw ourselves into the world again. … I think all of us were at the point collectively where we felt like what we had done five years ago in re-forming, and the subsequent recording and touring of that recording [Sol Invictus], was an unfinished task.”


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    The news is a bummer for fans who got excited by a 2018 interview in which Bottum revealed that band members would occasionally “get together and make new sounds”, giving hope that a new album might have been in the works.

    Even if there’s no new Faith No More music on the way, vocalist Mike Patton remains quite active in the studio. He released the collaborative art-rock album Corpse Flower with composer Jean-Claude Vannier last year, while his hardcore supergroup Dead Cross recently hit the studio to record a new album. Patton will also be reviving Mr. Bungle for a short tour in February.

    Faith No More’s 2020 tour kicks off on June 10th in Manchester, England, at O2 Apollo. Get tickets here.


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