Foy Vance on Going From Muscle Shoals to Memphis

Northern Irish singer-songwriter discusses how he found Soul in writing Americana music

Kyle Meredith With... Foy Vance
Kyle Meredith With… Foy Vance

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    Foy Vance gives Kyle Meredith a ring to discuss the two albums he released in 2019. With the soul-flavored From Muscle Shoals, Vance talks about working with the legendary Swampers, famous for backing Aretha Franklin, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Lynyrd Skynyrd, and how the entire project only took two days in the studio to complete. Then with To Memphis, we hear about how the Northern Irish songwriter found himself creating Americana, steeped in Baptist hymns and gospel music. It also gave him the opportunity to officially record “Make It Rain”, a song of his that was previously only released by Ed Sheeran and covered by H.E.R. Vance also tells us that we might expect another pair of records before 2020 is up.

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