Leonardo DiCaprio saves man who fell overboard in the Caribbean

The man fell off a cruise ship and had been treading in the water for 11 hours

Leonardo DiCaprio boat saved man Caribbean beach hero
Leonardo DiCaprio

    First he saved Rose in Titanic, and now Leonardo DiCaprio has saved a man who fell overboard in the Caribbean.

    The actor, his girlfriend, and some friends were on a luxury boat off the coast of St. Barts on December 30th when a Mayday went out asking for help locating the man, reports The Sun. The 24-year-old Club Med cruise crew member identified only as Victor had fallen overboard near St. Martin after a night of excessive drinking. When DiCaprio heard the news, he agreed to redirect the boat towards the man — making his the only vessel to respond to the distress call.

    DiCaprio’s crew spotted the man some hours later near the island of Saba. When they finally pulled poor Victor aboard, he’d been treading water for 11 hours. He was “severely dehydrated” and Leo’s crew provided water, food, and dry clothes before handing him off to coastguards.

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    “I should have died,” the man reportedly said as he was being rescued. In fact, the captain put Victor’s chance of survival at 1 in a billion, especially as daylight was fading and a storm was coming in. So it’s not an exaggeration to say DiCaprio literally helped saved a stranger’s life.


    DiCaprio may have missed out on the Best Actor win at this year’s Golden Globes, but “lifesaver” is probably a better title anyway. Besides, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood still managed to take home awards for Best Picture — Come, Best Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actor for Brad Pitt.

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