Ministry guitarist Sin Quirin accused by two women of underage sexual relations

The alleged relations occurred prior to the guitarist joining Ministry

Sin Quirin sexual allegations
Sin Quirin, photo by Kevin RC Wilson

Ministry guitarist Sin Quirin is facing allegations by two women of engaging in sexual relations with them when they were underage. The alleged relationships took place prior to Quirin becoming a member of Ministry.

A lengthy investigative report by Billboard details accounts by a woman named Kelly Longoria and another who chose to remain anonymous and go by the name “Brooke”.

Longoria alleged that she met Quirin in 2002 when he was a member of the Los Angeles industrial band Society 1. She said she had gone to see the band Dope in her hometown of San Antonio, and Society 1 were the opening act. She claimed that she was approached by Quirin and told him she was 15, while he said he was 28. According to Longoria, nothing happened that night, but he apparently began to court her, visiting her several times in San Antonio, where they allegedly had sex many times. Public records show that Quirin is 50 now, which would have actually made him 33 at the show where the two apparently met.

In a statement to San Antonio police, Longoria said, “The initial sexual assault occurred sometime between December 2002 and April 2003. There were approximately two encounters during that time frame and after that we had a ‘boyfriend-girlfriend’ type relationship, even after I was of legal age.”

Through an attorney. Quirin denied having a sexual relationship with Longoria or any other minor. A statement from Quirin’s lawyer reads, “Mr. Quirin did not begin visiting Ms. Longoria in San Antonio. During this time Society 1 was touring heavily in various locations throughout the United States. When the band was in or near the San Antonio area, Ms. Longoria would come to the show as a guest.”

The second woman, Brooke, claimed she went to see Society 1 play a show in Portland, Oregon, in March 2005, when she was 16 years old. She recalled that Quirin came up to her and said that his band didn’t have a place to stay that night, and she volunteered to let him and the band stay at her house, since her mom was out of town. She alleged that she “definitely made it clear” to Quirin and the rest of the band that she and her friends were minors, but still had sex with the guitarist that night and the following night.

In a statement, Quirin’s attorney wrote, “Mr. Quirin maintains no recollection of meeting a minor outside a show in Portland. Mr. Quirin denies ever have (sic) any sexual relationship with anyone under the age of majority.”

Quirin joined Ministry in 2007 and has appeared on the industrial band’s last four albums. In a statement, the band’s lawyer said, Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen “is unaware of any of potential nefarious activity by any member of Ministry during their respective tenure(s) with the band including but not limited to Mr. Sin Quirin.”

There are many more layers and details to the report — including accounts from ex-girlfriends and former bandmates — which can be read in full at Billboard.