Nathaniel Rateliff drops new solo song “What a Drag”: Stream

The latest preview of his forthcoming solo album And It's Still Alright

Nathaniel Rateliff song solo album what a drag music video tour dates, photo by Rett Rogers
Nathaniel Rateliff, photo by Rett Rogers

Nathaniel Rateliff is back with another new song from his upcoming solo album, And It’s Still Alright. The single, dubbed “What a Drag”, has arrived with a music video in tow.

“What a Drag” is the second offering we’ve heard from Rateliff’s solo album, following the title track. It’s a downer of a number, which is fitting (or sarcastic, depending on how you view the holiday) given the album comes out on February 14th… AKA Valentine’s Day.

The heart-tugging ballad sees Rateliff reflects on his loneliness. There’s snapping and clapping, usual straightforward signs of joy, but a solemn, bluesy guitar line guides the melody to something darker. “What a Drag” is a fitting title. That is until the song’s refrain — “I love feeling alone” — kicks in, as Rateliff almost seems to feel at home in the feeling.

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In the song’s music video, directed by Danny Clinch, Rateliff can be seen singing in an abandoned warehouse full of nude mannequins. While he snaps along to the song, he surveys the room, holds hands with a few plastic limbs, and compares himself to the stark solitude of it all — until one mannequin comes to life and things get romantic. The whole thing is shot in black-and-white seemingly on film, as it’s grainy. Watch it below.

Rateliff will be performing a string of tour dates for his previously announced “And It’s Still Alright Tour”, including a live performance at High Water Festival. Grab tickets to all of his upcoming concerts here.