Scarlett Johansson becomes only the 11th actor nominated for two Oscars in same year

For her work in Marriage Story and Jojo Rabbit

Scarlett Johansson Nominated Two Oscars Academy Awards Best Actress Best Supporting
Scarlett Johansson

This morning, Scarlett Johansson received her first Oscar nomination, followed quickly by her second. For the 2020 Academy Awards, Johansson has been nominated for both Best Actress in Marriage Story and Best Supporting Actress in Jojo RabbitThis makes her only the 11th actor to be nominated for two films in the same year.

It was part of a good morning overall for both films. Johansson plays one-half of a divorcing couple in Marriage Story, and the mother of dear Nazi Jojo in Jojo Rabbit. Both movies were nominated for six Academy Awards each.

But those six nominations are nowhere near as rare as Johansson’s two. The feat has only been accomplished ten other times, including by Al Pacino in 1993 (Glengary Glenn Ross and Scent of a Woman), Julianne Moore in 2003 (Far From Heaven and The Hours), and most recently Cate Blanchett in 2008 (Elizabeth: The Golden Age and I’m Not There).

Like everything to do with the Academy, these double-nods say as much about the voters as it does about the people for whom they vote. For example, Jamie Foxx is the only actor of color to receive this honor, in 2005 for Ray and Collateral. 

Johansson’s nominations came after a controversial campaign season in which she defended Woody Allen and dropped out of a film in which she was set to play a transgendered woman. It’s further proof, if you need any, that the sensitivities of Film Twitter are not always shared by Hollywood’s gatekeepers.Johansson’s image is clean enough for Disney, for whom she’ll be anchoring a new Marvel franchise with the upcoming Black Widow. 

The 92nd Academy Awards will be announced on February 9th. Be sure to check out the full list of nominees.