Sharon Van Etten covers Sinead O’Connor, performs “Every Time the Sun Comes Up” on ACL TV: Watch

These web-exclusive performances come ahead of her Austin City Limits debut

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Sharon Van Etten, photo by Scott Newton courtesy of Austin City Limits/Austin PBS

    At the beginning of last year, Sharon Van Etten dropped a bombshell of an album. Even after 11 months of competition, Remind Me Tomorrow remained not only one of our favorite records of the year, but one of the best of the 2010s. What’s more, its powerhouse single “Seventeen” was named our top tracks of 2019, also securing its spot on our songs of the decade list. To kick off 2020, Van Etten is continuing to celebrate the LP’s massive success with her debut on Austin City Limits.

    Season 45 of the long-running performance series returns this Saturday, January 4th with an episode featuring Van Etten and Lucy Dacus. The former’s six-song set heavily highlights Remind Me Tomorrow, though 2014’s excellent Are We There is represented in the simmering favorite “Tarifa”. However, Van Etten delivered more songs for the ACL crowd outside of the episode, including a cover of Sinead O’Connor’s “Black Boys on Mopeds” and “Every Time the Sun Comes Up”. Ahead of the full episode, both of those web exclusive videos are premiering below.

    While the Are We There yet track was delivered with her full band standing sturdy behind her, Van Etten handled the O’Connor cover alone at her piano. Before sliding into the inspired, impassioned rendition, Van Etten told the ACL audience,


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    “This next song is not mine, and it definitely was written during another time of unrest, but unfortunately, it’s still very relevant today and I try to be a positive person, I’m a new mama, and I think I’m gonna spend the rest of my life protecting my child from the things he doesn’t need to know quite yet, and trying to be the person I still achieve to be and have him around the people that I think are positive influences and spread love and kindness in the world. We all know that there are terrible times outside our wonderful bubble but I still believe in humanity, and it means a lot to share this show and this song with you tonight.”

    It’s a stunning performance that bodes well for the complete set. Check out both clips below, and stay tuned for video of the rest of the episode.

    In fact, keep an eye out for all of the upcoming ACL guests, including Billie Eilish, The Raconteurs, Rosalía, Mitski, Cage the Elephant, and more.

    For more Sharon Van Etten, revisit her appearance on Kyle Meredith With… from last January.

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