The witch is hungry for flesh in the new trailer for Gretel & Hansel: Watch

The Sophia Lillis-starring adaptation creeps into theaters later this month

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Gretel & Hansel trailer

    Later this month marks the eerie arrival of Gretel & Hansel, the newest film adaptation of the classic Brothers Grimm story. Directed by Oz Perkins, known for 2015’s The Blackcoat’s Daughter and 2016’s I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, the movie has a new trailer out today showing us more of the cannibalistic witch at the center of the German fairytale.

    Per a synopsis, the horror movie is set “a long time ago in a distant fairytale countryside” and stars a sister and brother duo that enter “into a dark wood in desperate search of food and work, only to stumble upon a nexus of terrifying evil.” That sibling pair is played by It star Sophia Lillis and Sam Leakey.

    While there have been numerous adaptations of Gretel & Hansel, director Perkins sought out to give it his own twist. “We tried to find a way to make it more of a coming of age story,” Perkins explained to Entertainment Weekly over the summer, adding,


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    “I wanted Gretel to be somewhat older than Hansel, so it didn’t feel like two twelve-year-olds — rather a sixteen-year-old and an eight-year-old. There was more of a feeling like Gretel having to take Hansel around everywhere she goes, and how that can impede one’s own evolution, how our attachments and the things that we love can sometimes get in the way of our growth. Sophia Lillis is really fantastic. She has one of those faces that the camera immediately understands, which is something that rarely happens. For my style and for my taste, which tends to be minimalist and a little bit more mannered, she’s really a dream.”

    Watch the newly unveiled trailer below. Gretel & Hansel lands in theaters January 31st.

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