Brian Wilson denounces Mike Love’s Beach Boys concert at trophy hunting convention

The Safari Club International gained notoriety after one of its members killed Cecil the Lion

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Brian Wilson, photo by Philip Cosores

    Brian Wilson has taken to Twitter to denounce a licensed The Beach Boys concert organized by former bandmate Mike Love.

    The February 5th performance is scheduled to take place at the Safari Club International Convention, an assembly that celebrates trophy hunting and auctions off big-game hunts. This year, the keynote speaker is Donald Trump, Jr., and The Beach Boys are the headlining act.

    In a statement, Wilson wrote,

    “It has been brought to my attention that on Wednesday February 5, The Beach Boys touring group licensed by Mike Love are headlining at the Safari Club International Convention in Reno, Nevada…This organization supports trophy hunting, which Both Al [Jardin] and I are emphatically opposed to. There’s nothing we can do personally to stop the show, so please join us in signing the petition at”

    The Safari Club gained international notoriety in 2015, after one of its members, dentist Walter Palmer, baited and killed a popular Lion named Cecil. In the aftermath, SCI suspended Palmer’s membership, saying, “those who intentionally take wildlife illegally should be prosecuted and punished to the maximum extent allowed by law.”


    But in 2015, the Humane Society studied the SCI’s record books. They found that the illegal killing of animals was unofficially sanctioned by the organization. “Since 1959, SCI members have killed at least 2,007 African lions, 1,888 African leopards, 791 African elephants, and 572 rhinos, including 93 critically endangered black rhinos as of that publication date, with more animals killed since then.” The loss of the black rhinos particularly stings, since there are only about 5,500 left worldwide.

    Whether or not the petition works — and we’re not holding our breath — later this month Mike Love will be taking his iteration of The Beach Boys on a massive tour of America and Europe. Those who support trophy hunting can get tickets here, while everyone else can snag a seat to The Beach Boys here.

    Last year Brian Wilson had to postpone his own tour due to mental health issues, but he eventually recovered, finished the tour, and ended the year teaming up with Kesha and Sturgill Simpson on “Resentment”.


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