Cover Band Musician’s Hair Catches Fire, Keeps Playing KISS’ “Detroit Rock City”: Watch

Even KISS were impressed: "F**k man, you just stood there and kept on singing"

Kiss cover band hair fire
Bobby Jenson of the band Hairball, via Twitter

Bobby Jenson didn’t let his hair catching on fire stop him from performing the KISS classic “Detroit Rock City” at his cover band Hairball’s recent show. Dressed as KISS singer-guitarist Paul Stanley, Jenson kept on rocking for the Sioux City, Iowa, crowd.

Hairball are a cover band who perform tracks from multiple classic rock acts, with band members changing outfits throughout each gig to match up with the songs they are playing. At this point in the show, Jenson was in full KISS makeup as the band launched into “Detroit Rock City”.

As seen in the video below, some pyro landed in Jenson’s hair, causing it to flare up in flames. However, the singer-guitarist didn’t seem too phased, as he continued to perform as his bandmate initially tried to put the fire out. A couple of crew members then made their way on to the stage and successfully extinguished the fire.

After the video made the rounds, KISS themselves reached out to Jenson, who told Ultimate Classic Rock, “My friends in KISS got a hold of me already, and asked me if I was alright. They saw the video, they said, ‘Hey are you OK? F**k man, you just stood there and kept on singing.”

Jenson also revealed that it was his real hair, and not a wig. He quipped, “It was really nice and foofy before the show, now I have a much better Alice Cooper cut.”

As for the real KISS, they are currently in the midst of the latest North American leg of their farewell tour, with David Lee Roth serving as support. Coincidentally, KISS will be hitting Sioux City themselves this coming Friday (February 21st). Pick up tickets to KISS’ upcoming shows here.